Tea tongs – sustainable, chic and functional Enjoy tea

Tea tongs

Chic and functional: tea tongs, tea eggs & co. for optimal tea enjoyment

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to tea bags? Perhaps the practical tea tongs are ideal for you!

The selection of different teas is really amazing. Black tea, green tea, rooibos tea, melissa tea, fasting tea or even iced tea – the right preparation is primarily decisive for the optimal tea taste. As an experienced tea lover you prefer loose tea and look forward to the wonderful aroma of freshly prepared Chai, China or Assam tea. As an alternative to disposable bags, there are various options for environmentally friendly tea preparation. Practical helpers such as the tea strainer (fine), the tea egg, the tea filter with tea filter holder and of course the elegant tea tongs come into play here. Have your favourite tea, tea tongs, water and kettle ready!

From tea bags to tea tongs

Nowadays the tea bag enjoys great popularity, as a look at various accessories such as the tea bag tongs or the tea bag press shows. Unfortunately, however, this product has now become a mass-produced disposable item. Many people are looking for a sustainable alternative for their drinks and rediscover not only the filter but also the well-tried tea egg and tea tongs. This handy self-filling egg consists of two halves that can be opened in no time at all. Loose tea is poured in and you can brew your favourite tea in no time. Of course you can also use spices or nana mint or make detox tea, jasmine tea, camomile tea or herbal tea. A tea tongs is basically a tea egg with a practical handle.

Let’s have a tea party! Teapot, tea tongs, tea cup & other accessories

You will often find the tea tongs under the terms egg tongs or spice tongs. For the processing of the tea tongs stainless steel or stainless steel is used, therefore the tea tongs can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It makes a robust impression and can be used countless times without problems thanks to its good quality. In addition to tea tongs, tea glass, tea service, etc., you as an enthusiastic tea lover will find an extensive range of different accessories. Mugs with lids are available with variable diameters, fine sieve, glass, tea tongs, cup, thermos jug, infuser, tea caddy and pot in countless sizes and variations. If you are looking for tea tongs or a suitable gift for an experienced tea lover, you have a large selection at your disposal. If you have a stylish tea bag rack, you can also use it for tea balls and tea tongs. So there is no reason why you should not simply continue to use these decorative tea accessories when using a practical tea tongs or a handy ball.

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Tea tongs